Your Gift to Kara Provides the Following Levels of Care


$100 will support ... 

One Hour of Phone Consultation for an Individual or a Family


“I can’t thank you enough for all that Kara has given us. A friend said to me recently, “You were so broken for so long. It’s good to see your old self emerge and see you able to laugh and be happy again... I am eternally grateful for what my children and I have gotten from the program.”





$250 will support ... 

Monthly Drop-In Group Attendance and Healing Connections for an Adult 


Suicide Survivors
Spouse/Partner Loss
Sibling Loss
Child Loss

Drop-In Groups


"It was so helpful to share with others who have gone through the loss of a sibling, and in a safe place."


$500 will support ...

An Adult Receiving Monthly Peer 1:1 Services in English or Spanish


"I consistently felt heard and not judged in my experiences of grief. From the intake to the waiting area and counseling rooms, to having an excellent peer counselor, all of the necessary elements for safety and support were there."



$1,000 will support ...

A Student Participating in our Journeys Program School-based Grief Groups


“What would happen to our communities without Kara?
I can’t even begin to imagine. Thank you for the gift you bring to our homes, schools, neighborhoods.”





$1,250 will support ...

A Sponsorship for One Child to Attend Camp Kara


"I learned that it was okay to cry. It was so cool to be with a lot of other people who were grieving. This is a haven, a sanctuary, where the dead's names are uttered as much as the living, and where people can truly be who they are and share. We are surrounded by nature and love and people we just met, but are already lifelong friends. We can cry in public and truly feel the dead person's presence, and share things that keep them alive. We laugh, love, sob, sing, clap, and talk. This camp is so special and pure and ultimately one of the safest places I have been to." - 13 year old Camper




$2,500 will support ...

An Organization Receiving Crisis Response Services

"Kara was the most incredible resource. We tragically lost an employee in a car accident, and we are a very close-knit company. Kara was incredibly responsive, understanding, flexible, and caring. I cannot rave about Kara more. Thank you for everything."

- Wealthfront




$5,000 will support ...

One Year of Care for a Child and Caregiver

in Kara's Youth & Family Services program


"For me, listening to other parents talk about how they overcame their challenges gave me hope that I could handle my new situation. It felt safe to share and know I would be met with love and support, no judgement."


"For my daughter, Kara was the only place where she wasn't the only kid in the room who didn't have a dad. Being able to laugh, draw, and play her way through grief has really helped her be a kid again."




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