Impact Giving Opportunities

Connections that Heal
Created by: Kara Grief

$ 96,948.00
Goal$ 135,000.00

Thank you for supporting Kara's virtual fundraiser to help raise money for our grief support services and programs, which serve a critical need in our community. By donating to Kara's Impact Giving Opportunities, you bring healing and hope to support bereaved children, teens, adults, and families on their journey through grief.

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Betsy Haehl, John Kriewall &$ 25,000.0004/23/202113 dHorsley, Gloria$ 10,000.0005/03/20213 dAnonymous$ 5,200.0004/25/202111 dCasado, Kristin$ 5,000.0004/23/202113 dGreenberg Traurig$ 5,000.0004/06/202130 dDong, Penny$ 3,120.0004/21/202115 dQuinn, Elizabeth$ 3,120.0004/22/202114 dAronson, Linda$ 3,000.0004/25/202111 dGillan, Jack & Shelly$ 2,600.0004/23/202113 dSolomon, Jacqueline$ 2,600.0004/25/202111 dWan, Lisa$ 2,600.0004/26/202110 dHahn, Elaine & Eric$ 2,500.0004/27/20219 dTabor & Wilfrid, Holly & Eric$ 2,500.0004/20/202116 dAnonymous$ 2,080.0004/22/202113 dOverton, Gina$ 1,300.0004/24/202111 dMiddlekauff, Charles and Kim$ 1,300.0004/25/202110 dFoster, Kathleen$ 1,300.0004/26/202110 dAnonymous$ 1,250.0004/25/202111 dHayes-Roth, Bella$ 1,040.0004/23/202112 dTaylor, Carl$ 1,040.0004/25/202111 dOdabashian, Elisa$ 1,040.0004/14/202122 dChristine Evans, Nicholas Ross$ 1,040.0004/23/202113 dBernstein, David$ 1,000.0004/02/202134 dAnonymous$ 520.0004/12/202123 dLose', Dean$ 520.0004/24/202111 dAnonymous$ 520.0004/22/202114 dFukumoto, Barbara$ 520.0004/22/202113 dparker, juli and john$ 520.0004/23/202113 dSzymusiak, Angela$ 520.0004/23/202113 dChang, Kim$ 520.0004/23/202113 dRasquinha, Kalvyn$ 500.0004/26/202110 dRobert Reay, Judith Fan$ 500.0004/27/20219 dElefant, Natalie$ 500.0004/27/20219 dSchmidt, Janis$ 416.0004/27/20219 dHuang, Katherine$ 343.2004/25/202110 dCrawford, Kaye$ 312.0004/24/202112 dMontermoso, Susana$ 260.0004/23/202113 dMontermoso, Juan$ 260.0004/23/202113 dKaufman, Stephanie$ 260.0004/23/202112 dKeller, Rick$ 260.0004/24/202112 dSantucci, James$ 260.0004/12/202124 dMcLuckie, Ruth$ 260.0004/24/202111 dHamlin, Susan$ 260.0004/24/202111 dJohnson, Maria and Marty$ 260.0004/28/20217 dRobert Steinberg, Alice Erber$ 260.0004/25/202110 dMalouf, Frederick$ 260.0004/26/202110 dGoforth-Mauthes, Susan$ 260.0004/14/202122 dHenry, Liz & Dick$ 260.0004/23/202113 dKing, Melissa$ 250.0004/26/202110 dYu, Henry$ 250.0004/29/20217 dSeiford, Larry & Bev$ 250.0004/27/20219 dFidler, Margaret Ann & Don$ 250.0004/27/20219 dSleizer, Joy$ 250.0004/22/202114 dSchlossberg, Jan$ 250.0005/01/20214 dLloyd, Sue & Ron$ 208.0004/25/202111 dChin, Eileen$ 104.0004/24/202111 dMay, Colleen$ 104.0004/21/202115 dTinklenberg, Mae$ 104.0004/16/202120 dColby, Betsy$ 104.0004/23/202113 dratta, matthew$ 104.0004/23/202113 dDe Leon, Hazel$ 104.0004/23/202113 dGranado Uyematsu, Cindy$ 104.0004/23/202113 dThompson, Gail$ 104.0004/15/202121 dMistry, Ravindra$ 100.0004/27/20219 dAnonymous$ 75.0004/29/20217 dBludau, Margaret$ 52.0004/25/202111 dMcLinden, Mary & Rich$ 52.0004/22/202113 dReuven, Michelle$ 52.0004/22/202113 dJacobs, Jeff$ 52.0004/23/202113 dGoodis, Sally$ 37.4404/23/202113 dMerkle-Raymond, Kathy$ 26.0004/08/202128 d
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