2020 Impact Highlights

  • 1,788 Individuals Served
  • 113 Crisis Response Events
  • 56 Agencies Served
  • 2,600 Service Hours

Watch a short video about our Community Outreach & Education Services


Kara offers on-site crisis support services to schools, community organizations, and businesses to help process their grief when a death has occurred or is anticipated. Experienced staff and volunteer facilitators help people process their reactions to the death and find ways to process their grief.


Community Outreach Services 

Our community outreach team is comprised of professionals and peer support volunteers who have been trained in helping people deal with Critical Incident Stress and Post Traumatic Stress. The team provides peer support, crisis intervention, and educational programs that address Critical Incident Stress and Post Traumatic Stress, including:

  • On-site support services
  • Defusings and debriefings
  • Pre-incident training 
  • Individual grief support 
  • Family grief support 
  • Presentations to schools and community organizations 
  • Trainings for professionals who encounter Critical Incident Stress in their work


A Kara critical incident stress defusing/debriefing is not psychotherapy. Rather, it is a peer support program involving specialized training. Crisis interventions are conducted both individually (one-on-one) and in groups. In addition to direct interventions, our community outreach team members provide education and training programs.



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