2020 Impact Highlights

  • 348 Peer Support Clients
  • 107 Group Sessions
  • 3,400 Volunteer Hours
  • 68 Volunteers

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Peer-based services offer emotional support to those grieving a death or coping with a terminal illness (their own or another's). Our peer support model advocates listening, speaking, and acting from the heart in service to others with the goal of providing compassionate, non-judgmental support. It is a philosophy and practice based on mutual respect, empathy, positive regard, non-judgmental behavior, genuineness, acceptance of differences, and intention to be of service. Fees are not charged for our peer support services but donations are suggested (one's ability to donate never affects service availability). Services are offered as described below for adults, children, teens, and families.


Adults may receive individual (one-on-one) peer support from a trained volunteer. Following an initial interview, a person is carefully matched to an appropriate peer counselor. Weekly meetings are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the individual and the peer counselor. The unique needs of the individual typically determines the length of time for the support services. 


Peer Support Groups for Adults

Many find it helpful to meet with others who have experienced a similar loss. These groups, facilitated by our trained volunteers, offer an opportunity to share experiences in a safe, supportive environment. Regularly scheduled ongoing groups as well as drop-in groups for adults are offered throughout the year. New groups are initiated when a group concludes.


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