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Create As Many Pages As You Wish

View a pages similar to what you need.  Make a copy of that page.  All content will be shared, so any edits to shared content containers will be reflected on both pages.  Therefore, remove the containers you do not wish to share, and add new ones that will only be displayed on the new page.


Resize Images Before Importing into your content containers

Use or to resize images ideally for the web. Crop and/or change size.


Convert Text 2 Image --> Make Logos Easily!

Can be used when logos are not available and all you have is a name of a person or a company. Ideal to recognize sponsors and key supporters at


Clear Browser Cache and History Periodically

You can clear your browser cache periodically for improved performance, among other benefits, with a simple SHIFT-CTL-D.  


Close Tabs You May Have Opened

It is recommended that you maintain one tab open for editing.  If you open more than one tab, be sure to close them as they may expire and risk of loosing your unsaved edits.


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